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EZ Dock Innovations

Experience the Dock Life


Experience the Dock Life

Choose EZ Dock Innovations in Hewitt, New Jersey, for varied and versatile dock systems perfect for waterways of every application. From commercial functions to personal recreation uses, our modular designs and easy-to-use storage and launching components allow you to create and modify the ideal dock for your needs and environment.

Discover Our Product Specifications

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Our docks can be configured to meet any need with our various customization options and accessories. You can combine different size sections and fixtures to make a simple swim platform or an elaborate multiple-slip marina.

Multipurpose Modular Design

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You need not maintain your EZ docks since they are designed to withstand any damage in fresh and saltwater environments. Their sections and accessories have minimal components, requiring simple tools to assemble.

Little to No Maintenance

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Our products, which are the toughest floating dock system on the market right now, are made to survive powerful storms and icy conditions. They can stay in the water all year round as well.

The docks rise to the top and rest on the ice in freeze conditions, since they only need 1.5" of water to float. By doing so, they put an end to any harm worries. Our docks simply rise and fall in the drastically varying water levels typical of catastrophic storms, withstanding even the strongest storms.

Adaptable to Weather

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Our safest dock available includes no wood to splinter, no nails, screws, or metal supports to cut, and a skid-resistant surface.


Our docks have very stable structures. The highest level of stability among all floating dock systems is guaranteed by our distinctive construction.

Simple Installation and Modification

EZ Docks are made simple to install and modify and/or expand in the future as your needs evolve.


Our unique floating chambers and connectors are the strongest, most versatile products in the market.

Innovative Design


Our engineers work with our highly knowledgeable global dealer network to continually design new solutions for everything from residential boating to industrial applications.


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The dock system has no treated wood or metal that could contaminate your surroundings, since it is entirely composed of polyethylene. In delicate surroundings, like Adventure Aquarium, which is home to over 1,000 fish, rays, and sea turtles, EZ Dock is the only one allowed.


Why EZ Dock Innovations?

To get the most out of your particular circumstance, we will suggest custom dock layouts together with the precise cost of all sections, equipment, accessories and installation. 

Lake Homes, Cabins, and Housing Associations

Commercial Floating Dock Solutions

Military, Law Enforcement, Parks and Recreation, and FEMA

Construction, Commercial Fishing, and Pump Stations

The Dock Life

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