Standard EZ Dock Accessories

Create your ideal waterfront environment by adding an array of accessories from EZ Dock, including storage boxes, cleats, benches, ladders, slides, and more. These products work seamlessly with our patented floating dock systems, and most can be used with existing docks as well. Every one of EZ Dock's accessories is engineered with safety, durability, low maintenance, and maximum fun and relaxation in mind.

A boat parked with people sitting om it
A beige ladder with four steps on each side.

Polyethylene Swim ladder

  • A dock swim ladder from EZ Dock gives your waterfront more options. With a ladder, swimmers can more easily climb into and out of the water, even when water levels are low. For children, the elderly and those with mobility challenges, the right swim ladders for docks can mean the difference between getting to enjoy the water and being sidelined.

A large tan cooler sitting on top of a table.

Storage Box

  • Permanently mounted and constructed of weather-resistant materials, the EZ Dock Storage Box is a great place to store life jackets, towels and other essential supplies.
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Corner Storage Box

  • This roomy storage box’s compact design makes the most of available space without interfering with foot traffic. Also available in connection boxes for complete utility hookups.
A bench with cup holders on the back of it.

Polyethylene Bench Kit

  • This bench is 60” wide and will connect to 3 pockets on any standard dock section. It is a great way to enjoy your dock. You can choose between standard or with armrests and cup holders.
A close up of the top part of a metal object.

10" Aluminum Tie-Up Cleat

  • This 8" cleat attaches to heavy-duty stainless steel T-nuts molded in pairs around dock section perimeters.
A white plastic object sitting on top of a floor.

Dock Bumper

  • This dock bumper comes complete, ready to install onto any dock.
solar nylon cleat

Solar Nylon Cleats

  • Standard duty Cleat meant for lakes and ponds with a solar light.
A pole with two lights on top of it.

Solar PVC Cap

  • Easily illuminate your dock at night to prevent accidents. Leds are facing down to illuminate the walking space.
A light shines on the top of a cup.

Solar Pocket Lights

  • The solar pocket light fits perfectly in the EZ Dock open pockets and broadcasts light on the water with the LED bulb. The two-pack of lights can be charged during the day and burn all night, turning themselves off at dawn and on at dusk. A great enhancement for your dock system at night! Outline your dock for safety and visibility. This will allow you or other boaters to know where your dock is at night. Makes it easier to dock because of the visibility as well as alerts other boaters of the structure. 
A black piece of plastic with holes in it

Coupler Set

  • Made from recycled rubber for durability, and include a composite nut and bolt to eliminate rusting and corrosion. EZ Dock special connection couplers are designed to allow sections to move independently while providing unified stability.
nylon cleat

Nylon Cleat

  • Standard duty cleat meant for lakes and ponds.
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Drive Tool 15/16" Socket Adaptor

  • DIMENSIONS: 1.5" X 1.5"
  • The adapter fits on a standard 3/4" socket and drive to tighten the coupler nut, which allows the dock to move and flex in rough water without loosening.
A close up of the corner of a bench

Security Curbing

  • EZ Dock Security Curbing’s polyethylene construction provides a safe border around dock edges for wheelchairs, with a dark color contrast for easy visibility.

Custom EZ Dock Accessories

These accessories are made by our network of EZ Dock dealers. They are not manufactured or distributed by EZ Dock, but are offered as additional options for your floating dock system.

Dog Ramp EZMA Custom

  • Designed for small and medium-sized dogs, this ramp, which is secured to the EZ Dock with ropes around cleats, allows a safe exit from the water.
kayak rack

Kayak Rack

  • This marine aluminum kayak rack mounts on an EZ Dock system or any other wood or metal fixed or floating dock. Designed to hold up to four kayaks, the standard configuration is delivered to store two kayaks of any length. Paddleboards and surfboards can be stored as well.
    Reclaim your live dock space by storing them on the edge of the dock. Standard EZ Dock hardware connectors can be used, or lag bolts for wood or metal docks.
A blue slide is on the water.

Water Slide 300600

  • This rugged slide can be mounted on two EZ Dock 80-inch X 10-foot docks coupled together. It is a rubber-coated slide with steps and mounting hardware for any EZ Dock system. A pump and hose are included to allow children or adults to lubricate the slide at the top. Available in blue or green, this commercial strength slide is provided by one of our partner companies.