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Providing Excellent Dock Systems

As a full-service dealer of high-quality dock systems, EZ Dock Innovations is committed to providing adaptable and sustainable polyethylene products suited to your lifestyle. We have modular elements ready to be assembled in any size and arrangement using our more than 70 accessories.

Planning the Site

We will work with you to create the ideal strategy for your scenario and site. To guarantee that we have fully handled all of your issues and maximized your investment in our floating dock system, our experts work closely with you.

Initial Preferences

We will have a conversation with you to learn how you intend to use the dock and any accompanying accessories. Our team will ensure our strategy contains everything you require.


We will assess your site and take measurements to ensure our awareness of the requirements to install your new floating dock system.


We will give you a comprehensive plan detailing all the costs related to your dock.

Installing the Dock System

Many of our docks have been installed by our team of professionals. We can swiftly set it up while making sure everything is perfect.

Site Preparation

We ensure the location is completely ready for the transport and installation of our floating dock system.

Equipment and Tools

We will have the best materials needed to ensure the installation will go smoothly and properly without causing any harm to the docks or the surrounding environment.

Quality Control

After everything is finished, we perform one last quality check on all parts, connections, and extras to make sure everything is operating as it should.

Support for Our Veterans

We are proud to collaborate with the Travis Mills Foundation to break down obstacles that prevent veterans and their families from enjoying the freedom of the open ocean. Together, we're assisting these families in rediscovering what's truly important.

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Let’s Service Your Dock System

Even the greatest, most reliable docks on the market occasionally experience problems. As such, we are prepared to assist you. To ensure you continuously enjoy your docks for many years to come, we provide a variety of services for your dock parts and accessories.

To schedule a service call, just get in touch with us; we'll be pleased to assist!